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Institute of Water Research, which is chaired by Dr. Since 2002 almost every year Paninishala has been organized at Pushpa Dixit’s residence in which students and professors from all over the country attend to study grammar in a simple way. And teaching Dr. Conducted by Pushpa Dixit. Apart from India, Shri Narendran from America, Dawa Lhasa from Nepal, Lubna Mariam from Bangladesh, Varun Khanna from Chicago, Chou from China etc. have also come to this Paninishala and studied Panini Grammar.
Paninishala in different regions of the country-National Sanskrit Sansthan, Delhi also organizes Panini workshops in its various campuses in which students and professors attend to study Panini grammar in a simple way.

Paninishala – dt. 15.5.2014 w.e.f. Till 15.6.2014 (Location – Office, Paniniyashodhsansthan)
Subject – Completion in 1 month with Structural Science of Paniniya Ashtadhyayi.

Essential guidelines for workshop participants

● The workshop has free accommodation, food and education.

● Text is attached. Study it and take the exam by phone and get admission by 1st May 2014.

● Recite Paniniyamuladhatupath published by Sanskrit Bharati which has 1930 dhatus divided into 10 ganas.

● Some part of Ashtadhyayi is attached with the syllabus, recite it.

● According to the process, Paniniyya Dhatupatha, Ashtadhyayi Sutrapatha and Ashtadhyayi Sahabodh came along.

● Give advance notice of non-availability of books so that the books can be placed here on demand.

● Bring a bed for your sleep and plate, bowl, glass for your food.

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