Mahamopadhyayacharya Pushpa Dikshit

Has participated in national level Sanskrit seminars and has read hundreds of research papers in various all India level Sanskrit seminars. Many of which have published research papers. She actively participates as a regular member in the All India Oriental Conference, which is held every two years at different places in the country. Pushpa Dixit has regularly read past papers on linguistics and grammar in every conference. You have been an active participant in the seminars organized in various universities of the country like Delhi, Sagar, Allahabad, Varanasi, Lucknow etc.
Participation in national level Sanskrit poetry societies. You are often invited to all the All India Sanskrit poetry conferences. It is noteworthy that 15 national Sanskrit poets from India were selected to recite poetry in the 13th World Sanskrit Conference which was held at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. One of the names of those 15 eminent poets was Dr. Pushpa Dixit. Like every year, this year too you have been invited as a poet to the All India Kalidas Festival.
Many students have obtained research degrees under your direction .
Continuous work in the interest of Sanskrit: Chairperson of Kosala Sanskrit Committee, Mrs. Dr. Pushpa Dixit is completely dedicated to the Sanskrit language. Through him, the government’s attention is constantly drawn to the issue of upgradation of Sanskrit language and policy making. You have your own library of about 10,000 books, which contains books of Sanskrit literature, where the research students can come and see the books related to their subjects. To increase interest in Sanskrit among the general public and to increase awareness about Sanskrit language, she continuously teaches Geeta recitation, stotra recitation and pure Sanskrit pronunciation to the local people for free. You also keep making people aware about Sanskrit language through sermons on Ramayana, Geeta and Bhagwat. You believe that India is known only through Sanskrit, hence the only aim of your life is to make Sanskrit language accessible to the masses.
Establishment of two Sanskrit schools in Chhattisgarh
1. Dr. Pushpa Dixit, with the help of local people, has established a Sanskrit school “Vasudev Vedic Sanskrit Vidyapeeth” in village Adbhar, Pendra district Bilaspur in the year 2002. Where 67 students are studying in this session, whose free food, accommodation and tuition etc. are being arranged with public cooperation. Although the organization is registered separately, at present the patron and chairperson of that organization is Dr. Pushpa Dixit. Due to whose good efforts the organization has been functioning smoothly for the last five years.
2. Due to your good efforts, a Vedic Sanskrit school has been established by Mahamaya Trust Ratanpur in 2004. He has spent his entire life with the ideal of ‘protecting the nation by protecting Sanskrit’. Therefore, the entire life of Acharya Pushpa Dixit is a high example of dedication to Sanskrit.

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