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New developments in grammar

Being a seeker of both worldly and Vedic words, Paniniya Grammar Shastra, which is a means to protect the Vedas, is prominent among all the Vedas. There are two popular methods of reading it. One method is to read the meanings of the sutras of Paniniya Ashtadhyayi in the same order as Paniniya Ashtadhyayi. The flaw in this method is that to know the process one has to know the entire Ashtadhyayi. At the same time, there is a mixture of many topics in it, the science of rights, anuvṛtti and sutras is the life of the Ashtadhyayi. The second method is the “prakriyā” method. In this, sūtras are presented with a goal in mind. By this, that goal is accomplished, but the remaining part of the sūtra remains unexplained. Prakriyā texts put ‘usage’ first. All the sūtras are brought for that usage and kept there. Due to this, the system of the Ashtadhyayi gets broken and the essence of the Adhikāra Sutras does not become clear. Therefore, despite these two methods, a method was required to explain the science of the Paniniya Ashtadhyayi by explaining the process of making a particular word for use in speech and showing all the usages similar to it at the same place and explaining it, so that the entire Ashtadhyayi can be understood in a very short time. This third method has been invented by Mahamahopadhyayacharya Dr. Pushpa Dikshit. In fact, Panini’s text is dependent on a mathematical method, and Dr. Pushpa Dikshit has invented that method, hence this work of Pushpa Dikshit on Paninian grammar is actually a revolution in grammar study.

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